FAQs for Rotman Academy

What can Rotman Academy do for students and teachers?

Rotman Academycourses are designed to assist Chinese students who wish to study at a U.S. high school and/or university in the future. The courses offered are the same, or exceed, the current U.S. secondary school curriculum.

The courses offered by Rotman Academyprovides Chinese students with a great opportunity to study subjects at their current grade level in English. This will accelerate their English proficiency immensely.

Rotman Academyalso provides several American elective courses. Many Chinese schools may wish to utilize these courses as additional teaching resources for subjects which are not typically taught in traditional Chinese schools.

Rotman Academyprovides a wide range of teaching resources for teachers who are working with grades 7-12.

Rotman Academycan be used at private international schools as substitute teaching resources, and/or for supplementary teaching resources in a public school’s international program.

Can students take a summer course in China or the U.S. to obtain credits through Rotman Academy?

Rotman Academy offers an 8-week summer course; students should spend approximately 20 hours a week participating in the course and studying to make sufficient progress. This is expeditious way to complete courses and receive credits. Rotman Academy offers summer courses online for those who wish to study in China and offers courses offline (face to face) for those who would like to study in the U.S.

How do Rotman Academy online classes compare to traditional courses?

All courses at Rotman Academy follow both state and national standards. Rotman Academy students, who have already completed an Rotman Academy’ online course, have given feedback affirming that the online courses are just as rigorous as their standard courses. We are confident that the material covered online is as complete, demanding, and challenging as any school’s current course curriculum.

What is an Rotman Academy mentor?

Each student who enrolls in one of Rotman Academy’ online courses must have a mentor onsite who can act as the student’s teacher of record. Mentors must be highly-qualified, but they do not have to be highly qualified in the course in which they are serving as a mentor. As a mentor, they will act as an advocate for the student, as well as a liaison between the student, school, online instructor, and the students’ parents. Mentors must keep track of their student’s course work and submit the student’s grades based on their earned percentage score from their Rotman Academy courses. 

What if a student needs to withdraw from a course at Rotman Academy?

Schools may drop or withdraw a student from an Rotman Academy course if the time frame is consistent with the Rotman Academy’ enrollment calendar and the school’s own withdrawal policy. Rotman Academy recognizes that some withdrawals are unavoidable, but many are due to communication or technical issues that may be resolved if we are contacted in a timely fashion. Before resorting to withdrawal, please contact the Rotman Academy’ Help Center to assist with determining whether the issue can be resolved.

How much time should a student expect to spend in an Rotman Academy online class?

For a semester or term course, students should expect to spend about four to six hours a week, which is very similar to a standard course; one hour of class time with 30 minutes to one hour of homework each night. Most of the coursework will be completed offline.

In a 10-week summer course, students should spend about 14-20 hours a week working with the course material. Summer courses must be completed by the last day of the summer session; no extra time will be allotted.

 How is a final grade determined for Rotman Academy courses?

Students who complete all course work within the allotted time frame will receive a final point score from their online instructor. Their mentor will translate the point score into a course grade according to the Rotman Academy’ policies.

What type of student does best in Rotman Academy’ AP courses?

Students will have greater freedom and schedule flexibility with an AP online course than in a traditional classroom. They should be ready to assume more responsibility for their own progress and exhibit a high level of discipline, drive, and time-management skills. They must also possess superior writing skills; writing assignments focus on developing skills to be able to critically analyze and discuss issues in a coherent and well-written paragraph or essay.

Do Rotman Academy’ AP courses use textbooks?

Yes. For some courses, a text is required; for others, it’s recommended. Some courses require or recommend other materials as well. Texts and materials, either required or recommended, are detailed in the course catalog.

Do students take Rotman Academy courses on their own time or during school time?

By taking online courses, students can study where, how, and when they want. Courses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The typical Rotman Academy student spends between 12 and 15 hours per week to complete a variety of lectures, assignments, discussion boards, quizzes, and projects. While work can be completed in a flexible format, all required coursework must be completed on or before the published term end date.

What are Rotman Academy’ course preparation requirements?

All Rotman Academy’ courses are academically rigorous and considered college preparatory. They will cover an entire semester’s worth of material. As such, it is important that students understand the need to set aside time, to not only engage with their instructor, but to complete all the required assignments.

Can a student use Rotman Academy’ courses to meet graduation requirements?

Many students enroll with Rotman Academy as part-time students, hoping to complete one or two courses so that they may raise a low grade, or complete a course that is not available onsite at their primary high school.

How many Rotman Academy courses can students take at one time?

Part-time students usually take only one or two courses at any given time, dependent upon their current academic schedule at their primary school and their extracurricular commitments. On average, a full-time Rotman Academy student will take twelve courses per academic year to meet graduation requirements. Full-time student schedules are determined on an individual basis and may vary. Students should be cognizant of the high level of work required in Rotman Academy courses, as well as the term end date when choosing courses to complete.

Where do students go to log into their classes with Rotman Academy?

For convenience, there is a ‘Login’ button on the Rotman Academy homepage. Students may also access their classes from any page on the website by clicking on ‘Login’, which is located on the top right side of each page on the website. Students will receive this link on their first day of enrollment. Rotman Academy recommends bookmarking this page for future reference. 

Why should Chinese students take online courses through Rotman Academy?

Rotman Academyoffers full course curriculums from 7th through 12th grade, including advance placement (AP) courses and a competitive middle year IB course.  Taking online courses through Rotman Academy will enable students to obtain credits at American schools.

The courses offered at Rotman Academyare taught by highly qualified native English-speaking instructors. Students will have access to additional courses which are not offered by their national school curriculum through Rotman Academy. Students may improve their language and technology skills by participating in Rotman Academy

Rotman Academycourses can assist students in transferring to top American public schools. The 2+1 U.S. high school model assists candidates with their preparation to transfer to American public schools for their senior year of study. After completion of their senior year of high school, students may apply to U.S. universities. Students should only take 4-6 online American high school courses, in addition to their regular Chinese curriculum, to become prepared to transfer to an American high school for their senior year of study.

The Rotman Academy’ 3+0 U.S. high school diploma program is designed for those who wish to obtain an American high school diploma but prefer to study in China. Students will take 6-8 online courses, in addition to the Chinese national curriculum courses, during their high school study period.

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Rotman Academyoffers a wide range of options for students. At Rotman Academy, students can complete a semester course in as little as four weeks or in as many as 18 weeks. Students may catch up on missed credits, enroll in subjects which are not offered at their traditional school, improve their technology skills, clear up course scheduling conflicts, attempt a new learning method, or supplement their learning activities at home if they are home schooled or temporarily home bound. Full-time students attending Rotman Academy can focus on a few subjects at a time, while still completing their required classes within the school year. Rotman Academy can be a convenient option for amateur athletes, actors, and others who find they need to complete their education in a flexible environment to keep up with their demanding schedules.

What are the technical requirements for Rotman Academy’ course offerings?

A computer and a fast, reliable, internet connection are the two basic technical requirements for enrolling in and participating with Rotman Academy’ courses. Individual courses may require more specific technical requirements.

How do I start with Rotman Academy?

To begin, create an account or login to your existing account on Rotman Academy’ website.

What kind of help is available if a student is having trouble with any of Rotman Academy’ courses?

If the trouble is technical, one of our technical support staff can help. If the trouble is technical and related to the course, the student or their mentor should contact the Rotman Academy Help Center. In the case that the student is having a difficult time with the course content, they should contact their online instructor. If the student is struggling with the course in general (not related to content), they should contact their mentor. 

Who teaches Rotman Academy’ online courses?

Highly qualified Michigan-certified instructors, who are certified in the course’s content area and have also received additional training in online instruction, teach Rotman Academy online courses. 

How do Rotman Academy’ instructors know the submitted work was completed by the enrolled student?

Just like in a standard course, instructors are usually able to recognize the quality of work a student typically produces. In addition, schools may request that final exams are proctored. Students are discouraged from cheating; they will be held accountable for their learning responsibilities when they take the final course exam. Moreover, students are informed when they enroll in an Rotman Academy course regarding the policies concerning student conduct and academic honesty.

Do Rotman Academy’ AP courses have prerequisites?

Many do; the specific course prerequisites are included with the individual course descriptions within the course catalog. 

How can a student learn a world language online with Rotman Academy?

Rotman Academy world language courses require that the student’s computer is equipped with both a microphone and speakers or headphones. In addition to text and visual instruction, the student will hear the language spoken through their speakers or headphones and will also submit spoken word assignments with their microphone (via an audio file) to their instructor. 

How much time should students expect to spend in taking an Rotman Academy’ world language course?

Students are expected to log in daily and complete assignments within the timeframes outlined in the course syllabus. Typically, this requires at least one to two hours of coursework per day, per class taken online.

Do Rotman Academy’ students need to be online at the same time as the instructor?

The majority of Rotman Academy’ courses are conducted asynchronously, allowing students to participate at any time of the day. With teachers and students all around the world, we understand it is difficult to have students and teachers online at the same time. Rotman Academy allows both groups to work in the online environment when it is most convenient for their schedules. Some Advanced Placement (AP) courses will require students to attend live chat sessions with their instructor and/or classmates; the times and dates for this is determined by the AP course instructor. If a student cannot attend a session, it may be posted within the course for the student to review when they are able. Teachers can be reached by email when students have questions, or they can arrange time for a live phone conference or online chat. Emails are generally returned within 24-48 hours.

What about assignments, quizzes, and tests through Rotman Academy?

Rotman Academy’ courses have assignments which students may upload right into the course. These assignments are received, graded, and returned to the student by the course’s teacher. The teacher will also post the student’s grade to an online gradebook. Courses will also contain quizzes, tests, discussion boards, and a culminating project.

How do students create or receive their Rotman Academy student ID number and password?

Upon enrollment at Rotman Academy, each student will be assigned a unique student ID number and password. Students will have the ability to change their passwords, but they cannot change their student ID number. The student’s ID number will serve as their unique identifier throughout their enrollment with Rotman Academy. Students who are having problems with their passwords may contact info@Rotman Academy.org for assistance.