Courses by Category

7th Grade course

Algebra 1

Intermediate World History A

American History B

Music Appreciation

Creative Writing

Earth Science


Language Arts

Life Science

Middle School Spanish 1

Middle School Spanish 2

Middle School French 1

Middle School French 2

Math 7: Fundamentals of Geometry and Algebra

Intermediate English A

World History and Cultures

Physical Science


8th Grade course


Advanced Earth Science

Advanced Life Science

Advanced Physical Science

Intermediate English B

General Chemistry

Intermediate World History B

Literary Analysis and Composition

Middle School French 1

Middle School French 2

Middle School Spanish 1

Middle School Spanish 2

Music Concepts A

Music Concepts B

US History

9th Grade course

American Literature

Language Arts 9


Painting 1

World History Survey

US History from 1877

Basic Electronics and Digital Logic

Art History-Ancient to Modern

French 1

Physical Science

Spanish 1

Algebra 1

Drawing 2

English Fundamentals

American Music Appreciation

Health & Personal Wellness

Introduction to Theatre

World Cultures

10th Grade course

British Literature

Creative Writing

Algebra 2

Spanish 2


World Literature

Ancient History

Modern World History

World Geography

Painting 2

Art in World Cultures

French 2

Classical Music Appreciation

Introduction to Computer Programming

Introduction to Web Page Design

11th Grade course

Advanced Creative Writing

Mythology and Folklore

World Literature

Business & Consumer Math

Discrete Math

Pre Calculus



US Government

French 3

Introduction to Psychology

Music Appreciation

Music Theory

Computer Repair and Maintenance 1

Computer Repair and Maintenance 2

Health Sciences: The Whole Individual

Spanish 3

Marine Science

American History

Comparative Literature

Explorations in Media Arts

AP Environmental Science

AP US History

AP World History

AP US Government & Politics

AP Art History

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC

AP Chemistry

AP European History

12th Grade course

Comparative World Government

Advanced Drawing and Painting

American Literature

Digital Photography

German 1

German 2

British Literature

Advertising & Sales Promotion

Shakespearean Literature

Theatre around the World


Drama Literature


American Government

Explorations in Studio Arts

Music around the World

Philosophy & Ethics

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC

AP Computer Science (JAVA)

AP Computer Science Principles

AP English Literature and Composition

AP English Language and Composition

AP Spanish Language & Culture

AP French Language & Culture AP

AP French

AP Macroeconomics

AP Microeconomics

AP Physics

AP Psychology

AP Statistics

AP Human Geography

AP European History