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Algebra I

Algebra 2

Algebra I

Business and Consumer Math


Discrete Math


Fundamentals of Geometry and Algebra




Arts and Music

Advanced Drawing and Painting

American Music Appreciation

Art History-Ancient to Modern

Art in World Cultures

Classical Music Appreciation

Digital Photography

Drawing 1

Drawing 2

Explorations in Studio Arts

Explorations in Media Arts

Introduction to Theatre

Theatre around the World

Music Theory

Music Appreciation

Music around the World

Music Concepts A

Music Concepts B

Painting 1

Painting 2


Advanced Earth Science

Advanced Life Science

Advanced Physical Science


Earth Science

General Chemistry

Health & Personal Wellness

Health Science

Introduction to Psychology

Life Science

Marine Science

Physical Science

World Geography


Social Studies

 American Government

American History B

Ancient History

World History Survey

Comparative World Government


Intermediate World History A

Intermediate World History B

Modern World History

Philosophy & Ethics

US Government

US History

US History from 1877

World History and Cultures

World Cultures


Advanced Creative Writing

American Literature

American Literature

British Literature

Creative Writing

Comparative Literature

Mythology and Folklore

Drama Literature

Shakespearean Literature

World Literature

English Fundamentals

Intermediate English A

Intermediate English B

Language Arts 9


Literary Analysis and Composition

Other World Language

Middle School French 1

Middle School French 2

Spanish 1

Spanish 2

Spanish 3

Middle School Spanish

Computer and Electronics

Basic Electronics and Digital Logic

Computer Repair and Maintenance 1

Computer Repair and Maintenance 2

Introduction to Computer Programming

Introduction to Web Page Design


AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC

AP French

AP Spanish Language & Culture

AP Computer Science (JAVA)

AP English Literature and Composition

AP Macroeconomics

AP Microeconomics

AP Physics

AP US Government & Politics

AP US History

AP Environmental Science

AP Chemistry

AP European History

AP Art History

AP Human Geography

AP Statistics

AP Psychology

AP Computer Science Principles

AP English Language and Composition

AP French Language & Culture

AP World History

Electives (6-12)

2D Studio Art

Career Explorations

Digital Art & Design

Environmental Science

Exploring Music

Journalism: Tell Your Story

Photography: Drawing with Light

Advertising & Sales Promotion

Astronomy: Exploring the Universe

Biotechnology: Unlocking Nature’s Secrets

Computer Science and Coding

Concepts of Engineering & Technology

Digital Photography I

Digital Photography II

Entrepreneurship: Starting Your Business

Game Design

Gothic Literature: Monster Stories

Great Minds in Science

Introduction to Manufacturing

Introduction to Renewable Technologies

Journalism: Investigating the Truth

Leadership Skills Development

Nano Science 1

Peer Counseling

Personal Project Portfolio

Personal Psychology I

Personal Psychology II

Philosophy: The Big Picture

Principles of Agriculture

Real World Parenting

Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Theater, Cinema, & Film Production

World Mythology


ACT Math & Science Preparation

ACT Verbal/Writing Preparation


Forensic Science 1

Forensic Science 2

Foundations in Personal Finance

Hospitality and Tourism

International Business

Introduction to Accounting

Introduction to Agricultural Science

Law and Order: Intro to Legal Studies

Preparing for College Admission

Preparing for Independent Life

Public Speaking

SAT Math Preparation


IB Individuals and societies

IB Mathematics

IB Arts

IB Science

IB Language acquisition

IB Interdisciplinary learning

IB Personal Project

IB Physical and health education

IB Design

Clubs (7-12)


Creative Writing & Photography


Film Production & Screenwriting

Model United Nations

Student Government